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Re: Couple of tai chi related questions

Mike Sigman wrote:
My personal opinion is that most Aikido is one sees is not necessarily what O-Sensei meant by Aikido, so that point needs to be considered. On the other hand, most "Tai Chi" you see in the west is just someone's take on it, as well. I've seen numbers of skilled Chinese just sit and watch western "Tai Chi" (including "Wudang" or "Practical Tai Chi") and just say that it wasn't really Tai Chi.
To be honest, I suspect that numbers of westerners would claim that wudang isn't really tai chi, let alone Chinese. But I'm not really asking deep questions about the origins, philosophy and traditions of the arts, I'm asking naive practical ones: 'has anyone been taught these techniques in aikido?' and 'if I did those techniques in competitive push hands, would I be disqualified?' (Or alternatively, 'if I did them in friendly push hands, would it violate the spirit of the thing?')
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