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Re: Couple of tai chi related questions

Roosvelt Freeman wrote:
I'm not familiar with tai chi. From what I've seen and read, the only recommended feet attack is to kick (stump) below knees. Are you sure you got the "sweeps" from a good source?
It was a small, quick, close range movement to take one foot out from under someone who you've already got a bit off balance, iirc. Sorry if my terminology's a bit off. But that was why it seemed aikido-able - there have been a few times where I've had a basic kazushi on someone and then wondered if I could swipe at their ankle rather than go through with an arm manipulation, say. Another example would be gedan-ate, where you occasionally (once is usually enough) get told off in shiai for taking out the opponent's legs out from under them rather than pushing their body over. Which suggests that it works (in some sense) but isn't particularly pleasant to be on the other end of when you're not expecting it...

As to the source, I can't remember exactly who it was from, but I'm pretty sure it was one of the mainstream UK wudang people. Wudang isn't a completely traditional a style of tai chi, but even the Beijing 24 form has a couple of highish kicks in it. I'm pretty sure it was kosher.

Peter: yeah, I see your point. I was really wondering if any aikido styles regularly teach them, though...
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