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Couple of tai chi related questions

Both to do with push hands, sort of. I did a bit of wudang tai chi ('practical tai chi') a couple of years ago, and did a bit of free step push hands. I've quite recently taken up shodokan aikido, at least partly because I enjoy shiai (and other forms of) randori in the same way that I used to enjoy push hands, and have been loving every minute of it. Two questions though...
i) Does anyone which aikido techniques would be allowed in free push hands? Presumably atemi waza, but what about the others? I never really got advanced enough to be able to do anything I wasn't allowed to!
ii) One of the things I did get onto in tai chi was using little leg sweeps to manipulate the opponent's balance in push hands. There isn't anything like this in the randori no kata (and hence in randori) for safety reasons, but are there such techniques in aikido generally?

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