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Re: Religious Restrictions on Training

Ignatius Teo wrote:
His parameter for training is to train with males only. And my parameters for training is you get to train with whoever is on the mat. Whether he trains or not, is his choice.
I don't actually have any problem with this. I have a private teaching practice, and I have to make decisions about how far I want to accomodate my students as well.

I guess the thing is, that to me a religious belief or custom or choice that a person can just leave aside when it's more convenient to do so, wouldn't be worth much. And so in that way for me a persons religion is as much a part of that person as their arm would be, as ridiculous as I might think their beliefs were. And asking them to change such would be the equivalent of asking someone to cut of their arm in order to train. Excuses for the rather dramatic example.

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