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Silent ukemi, or not...

Hi everyone.

I have a question that came to me serving as uke for my sensei during childrens class last week. I have always been given the that ukemi in aikido should follow some kind of concept based on smoothness and gentleness to assure good and safe ukemi. Comming from a koshinage or a pin etc. where nage is holding on to you that seems to be real hard scince you can't do any breakfalls. Now i KNOW this is when you dash your arm away with all you've got to protect your head and shoulder.
It just came to me last week when being uke on a koshinage that some of the children where banging their little palms in the mat at the same time i did so. Clearly they had no concept of why i did it and the surely didn't incorporate it in their own ukemi. But i still got me thinking when the thing that these kids apparantly saw this as some sort of weird, flashy gimmic that also distracted them that i might be doing them a bad favour in banging away too loud.
Does anybody have an oppinion wether ukemi should always be silent and/or if it's actually BAD ukemi to produce more sound than that of a spinning lump of meat willingly rolling along in his gi.

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