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Re: weapon training for lower ranks

All of the techniques are important to the system, as a whole. Of coarse beginners are going to be terrible at weapons, they will also be terrible at tai no henko, that doesn't mean they shouldn't be doing it, the only way you can get better is to train. I know a teacher who didn't teach free practice Jiyu waza until 1st kyu, then he had a bunch of students ready to become shodan's, and they were all horrible at free movement, he was shocked and upset. But the reason this happened is because he didn't think they should be practicing such an advanced practice till later, and he thought they would just be good at free practice over night once they became black belts! needless to say, he had to put in lots of effort with these guys to get their jiyu waza skills up to par, and he now trains Jiyu waza from the beginning, and his students are much better now.

Leaving out part of the training just makes your students lag in their training.


p.s. My earlier comment is not saying that weapons makes your empty hand body movement better, I'm saying that there is no empty hand movement in Aikido, it's and armed system.

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