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Re: Religious Restrictions on Training

David Valadez wrote:
I think if one's practice is about technical/physical things, then yeah, such a thing presents no problem. Let him workout, let him get in shape, let him learn some self-defense techniques, etc. But if one's practice is truly revolving around Osensei's call for Oneness and unification, etc., such a thing could present quite a contrast in the shape of the binary delineations it choose to uphold (according to how one wants to interpret "oneness" and "unification"). In a way, it could be a matter of two contrary worldviews coming into contact with each other - not merely a matter of "let's just workout".
There is no binary delineation - the prohibitions against physical contact in Judaism and Islam apply equally to both men and women. For that matter, Morihei Ueshiba endorsed binary delineations such as different standards of dress (ie, the hakama) for men and women, so the "oneness" argument seems, to me, not to hold too much water.



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