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Re: Sensei role!

Ron Tisdale wrote:
It could be that you are missing what is going on...I couldn't say from this distance.
How much further away do we have to be before we can Ron?

Does a sensei need to strictly insist his style to his students although a lot of variations are open for everyone to choose from where they think is satisfying for them?

Doesn't the student have the right to choose what variation they should use but to accept what the sensei strictly insists (on such style patterned to what he had learned 2-3 decades ago and then refused to learn further)?
Of course a student is free to follow any teacher of their choice, but out of respect for the teacher they are practicing with at the time, they should do what is being instructed. They may have a different understanding of it from what they've done before, but how will they understand the truth of what is being taught if they insist on doing something else. If that student finds that in doing so they find this way of doing things is not for them, then fine at least they tried it.
If a teacher is not inspiring you, because you feel he is stuck and is not progressing, find one who isn't.


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