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Re: Religious Restrictions on Training

Karen Wolek wrote:
But a dojo isn't a church or place of worship.
~insert a "yeah that" smilie~

A dojo isn't neccesarily a place of worship. If someone's particular dojo is then he needs to be told that "we all practice some form of buddhism/ shintoism here."

And physical training (good health) for him could be a very important spiritual goal to pursue as I believe it is called for in the Qu'ran. So I don't think he would lose the "spiritual value." He just wouldn't be following O'Sensei's teaching and if I recall correctly O'Sensei didn't require his students to practice his religion but rather encouraged them to find their own spirituality hence Chiba Sensei choosing to pursue Zen Buddhism. However, for this person, it's clearly Islam.

Anne Marie Giri
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