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Re: Religious Restrictions on Training

What about the inconsistencies such an example could present with Aikido's spiritual foundations?

I think if one's practice is about technical/physical things, then yeah, such a thing presents no problem. Let him workout, let him get in shape, let him learn some self-defense techniques, etc. But if one's practice is truly revolving around Osensei's call for Oneness and unification, etc., such a thing could present quite a contrast in the shape of the binary delineations it choose to uphold (according to how one wants to interpret "oneness" and "unification"). In a way, it could be a matter of two contrary worldviews coming into contact with each other - not merely a matter of "let's just workout".

There is only such much tenkaning one can do with when two contrasting worldviews come into contact with each other... Additionally, it may not be the dojo's role to "enlighten" the person to the vision of Osensei's worldview of Oneness and unification. Perhaps then it might be wise to be up front on the nature of these two worldviews - of them coming into contact. This might also be the line a lawyer can take when or should you concede that your dojo cannot accomodate him. If that turns out to the be the case, it might be nice to point him toward a dojo where the worldview of Osensei is not such a foundation for training - where he would surely be able to train in Aikido while having his own worldview remain a non-issue, etc.


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