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Re: Religious Restrictions on Training

You might be able to choose who you train with - male or female, but you certainly can't choose what life throws at you. Learn to deal with it, or don't.
Doesn't this apply to the dojo/instructor/aikido practitioner as well. Here, life throws a man who doesn't want to train with women, at you. Your answer seems to be to not deal with it.
How would he feel if the tables were turned - no one will train with him because he is not of the right color, sex and religion.
Isn't that exactly what you are proposing? His religion is part of the package - so he can't train? We won't discriminate on religion, as long as you don't actually live according to your religion?
Turn the argument around. Does the religion consider female bodily contact in a martial context "unnecessary"? If it is, then it should apply to any body contact martial art and co-ed contact sport - not just aikido. The issue is not with aikido or the dojo.
I think it probably does apply to other contact sports and martial arts as well. That's not the point. The point is, as an aikido practitioner, are you going to deal with what life throws at you, or are you going to argue that what life throws at you has to change first before you are willing to deal with it?
And it certainly has nothing to do with ideology or discrimination on religious grounds. Segregation and sexism means the same thing, whether or not is it colored by religious dogma or otherwise.
In other words, this man's religion is wrong? And that's the argument for not letting him train?

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