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Sensei role!


We're all aware that every sensei differ from each other in terms of style and variation of techniques they are teaching. Every student too differ from each other in terms of learning and choosing what variation they are want to adapt to which they think is more effective and satisfactorily to their personality and experientially demands. Well, I mentioned this to give way a question which is something vague to me such as:

Does a sensei need to strictly insist his style to his students although a lot of variations are open for everyone to choose from where they think is satisfying for them?

Doesn't the student have the right to choose what variation they should use but to accept what the sensei strictly insists (on such style patterned to what he had learned 2-3 decades ago and then refused to learn further)?

Well, these questions are not intended for the purpose of challenging some sensei probity and role, but merely seeking justification and right-ness that such manner in the aikido world is normal, right and favourable one. Because the way I view it, is more of self-centered inclination rather than on equation.

Any inputs will highly be valued.


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