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Re: Religious Restrictions on Training

Then someone else comes in and says "I want ..." [/QUOTE]

As a woman who deals with a wide variety of abilities, ethnicities and religious groups on a daily basis...I would have to agree with Michael. There are times when I have to say enough is enough.

Aikido taught me that if I have a problem with someone (for whatever reason) then I need to learn how to work with them to create the harmony that is a part of Aikido and my life outside the dojo.

While I understand the situation, I would be frustrated in my training and assisting if I were "not permitted" to train with someone because of their beliefs on how women should or should not be treated. There is a possibility that this could be a problem in the dojo (by reading the other posts), especially if there are women in there who have been practicing for a while and wish to assist others in improving their skills.

What if the teacher one day was a woman and she had to show him a technique? Many times my sensei has to perform a technique on me before it would click. That would be a problem for him in terms of how effective he can learn a technique.

Being honest with a person about general expectations is not a bad thing and it could prevent problems in the future.

Just my humble opinion

Did his wife want to train as well?

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