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Re: Saito Sensei & the no-hands throw

Bratzo Barrena wrote:
I guess you don't understand Aikido.
Yes, only you alone in the whole world understand aikido, those with different opinions know nothing at all.
Bratzo Barrena wrote:
But is very important that he tries to avoid my counter attack.
That's why I'm telling you, that only aikidoka will avoid your counter by throwing themselves.
In REAL world (outside of aikido set up and NOT on the street) there are infinite possibilities of reactions, very different from preprogrammed aikido uke response.
For example he may go out of line and make counter or simply redirecting your counter. It is physically possible, because our exemplary TKD friend firmly keeps his balance so he has a lot of choices what to do.

In aikido set up, uke does his attack once, and then must endure tori's technique, even if it is lousy atemi. After his attack done, he becomes not only neutral, but participates in tori's technique not by necessity, but because of his role.

And you take his role by natural reaction, or the only one reaction that is possible in this situation. That is of course pure illusion.

If you don't understand this mechanism, you will not only live in illusion until the end of you life, but you will transmit this illusion to your students. And that is a catastrophe.


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