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Re: Saito Sensei & the no-hands throw

Ted Ehara wrote:
People are able to do no touch throws because they understand how to take up slack. The mechanics may look like small movements, but to the uke, the feeling is big. Unlike a beginner, who uses big movement, but has a small feeling to the technique.

Not everyone gets into the psychology of conflict, but it's safe to assume an opponent will have both a mind and body. And since the mind leads the body, it's easier to led their mind than struggle with their body.
Thanks for that post Ted, this aspect doesn't seem to be explored greatly here. I don't see ki as something mystical, but neither do I believe it is purely a function of good body mechanics and timing. Although these must be present for ki to be utilised.
The mind is for me where the aikido takes place, the body just follows the mind. When the 'mental aikido' takes place if the body is co-ordinated, then if the mental aikido is effortless, the body will create it in the physical world.

No touch throws exist for those on the recieving end of them.
If you've never been on the recieving end of one, you can only doubt their validity not their existance.
I am sure there are people out there who do 'fall over' for their teacher ( no one hear of course ). I am not one of them. As a student, when asked to attack my teacher, I do so with as much commitment as I can, I want to know what the 'truth' of that action is. Why would I want otherwise? Sometimes what follows is difficult to put into words. When you have given your mind fully to an attack and the thrower knows how to throw the attackers mind, then this is where the throw takes place, and of course the body has no choice but to follow. The overall feeling I have from being thrown in this way is one of 'joy' I seem to roll up off the mat with more enery than I started with. This does not happen all of the time of course, but enough for me to know what is real.
For me ki / mind are possibly one and the same thing for the purposes of utilisation.
I'm sure there are some questionable no touch throws going on out there, hopefully few.
I'm sure that there are no touch throws that are the result of good body mechanics, sharp timing and uke's art of self preservation, probably most.
I'm also sure there are no touch throws going on that happen on the pure ki / mind level. Some.


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