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Fabian Junker
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Re: best aikido you have seen


in responce to the previous posting, I decided to try to revive this thread. Maybe - most certainly - many people have made knew experiences in the meantime.

Personally, the best I have seen and felt is Nomura Sensei from Osaka. Our dojo is lucky enough to be friends with one of his students, Matsu Enemoto. Nomura Sensei visited us last year together with Matsu, he is simply AWESOME! So much patience, so much power, so much precision, and what a friendly and humble person. Hope to be able to train with him again in the future.

On video, of course Shioda, but also Nishio - the man must have been absolutely outstanding - and Ikeda and Saotome Senseis. Also, Steven Seagal and two of his former students, Matsuoka Sensei and Reynosa Sensei.

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