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Steve Morabito
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Re: Religious Restrictions on Training

Here's my smart ass reply:
Instruct him in "no touch throws" only, with a female uke every time.
Here's my sincere reply:
Yes, as Jon says, consult a lawyer first and foremost. I'm not a lawyer, but I would suspect that a lawyer would say you may be required to provide him with a reasonable accommodation that doesn't present undue hardship or burden to your organization. In my opinion, it's not reasonable, (and actually disruptive) to alter the co-ed class. This person (as Jon implied) would come into unintended contact with a female eventually, so I think it is not reasonable to allow this individual into the co-ed class. I think you would be justified by saying, "this is how our dojo and most other dojos practice aikido...and altering the way we practice conflicts with its intention." Is it reasonable to hold private lessons for an additional fee? Is it reasonable to have a guys class AND a gals class IN ADDITION to the co-ed class? You might want to be prepared to support your answers to these questions if there is a lawsuit.
Good luck, this is a tough one.
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