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Re: Saito Sensei & the no-hands throw

Ian Hurst wrote:
Don't get this one - assuming a decent kicker and assuming you're not playing touchy, can't see how this would work other than the kicker allowing his balance to fail (the fabled holy grail of leading your uke into imbalance with no touch). With a decent kicker who refused to be led...

I have no real axe to grind with no-touch throws, I just personally would never rely on them - give me a bit of the anatomy to grab or strike and I'm happy
Mr. Ian,
I agree with you, no-touch throws is not what you aim for, I's not that one should TRY to throw anyone without touching, that would be stupid.
when you counter an attack, you should aim to strike your opponent if you make an attemi for example.
What throws him without touching is that he tries to avoid your attemi while still his own attack is developing. That breaks his balance.
If he doesn't try to avoid your atemi, then it just must land hard.
So no-touch throws are not (and should not be) your goal, they're are just a consecuense.

Bratzo Barrena
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