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Re: Saito Sensei & the no-hands throw

Mr. Szczepan Janczuk
I forgot to clarify,
I don't belive no-touch throws are the result of energy extention, or ki, or some magical Aikido power. It's just mechanics.
Taking again your example of your friend kicking fast and strong.
If I get to move out of his line of attack, thus avoiding the kick, and at the same time make for example I make an atemi to his face (while his kick is still developing, this is very important) and your friend tries to avoid my atemi by taking his head back very fast, it's possible he would fall without I touching him. Why? because part of his body (foot) is moving forwardm and the other part is moving backwards. So balance is broken.
But is very important that he tries to avoid my counter attack. Now what happens if he doesn't try to avoid my attemi?, then I should land a strong atemi on his face. Maybe that would throw him, but in this case is a touch throw and usually with a broken nose.
As I said no magic powers, no mystical KI, just mechanics. And it's not possible only with Aikido either.

Bratzo Barrena
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