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Re: Saito Sensei & the no-hands throw

Szczepan Janczuk wrote:
bratzo_barrena, you said timimg? I have a friend, he is 4th dan TKD. his kicks are faster then the speed of sound. And he will never give you even one milimeter of his balance. I'd like to see you throw him without touchig him
remember, without a special conditionning, nobody will fall down just because you put your fist right to his nose. Only aikidoka do such horrors.

MR. Szczepan,
I guess you don't understand Aikido. Timing is not about who is faster, is about the relationship between attacker and defender. This relationship implies distance, direction of movement, intention/determination of attacker, speed, etc. BUT NOT ONLY SPEED.
You said your friend kicks very fast. Which means I wouldn't be able to avoid his kick? If that is what you meant, maybe you're right, maybe you're not. He would need to kick me to know. But as I said before, is not only speed is not the only thing to take into consideration. By the way, I never said I was invencible, did I?
You also said that your friend wouldn't give me one milimeter of his balance. I would expect that. It's not his job to 'give me' his balance; it's MY JOB to take his balance.
And about throwing him without touching, If I get it right would be possible (even easier from a kick than from a punch, because one foot is already in the air). But just if I get it right.

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