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Cool Re: Poll: How important is "courage" in your own personal aikido practice?

Mark Uttech wrote:
'courage' is the right word to describe how one "keeps going" year after year.
One of the best ways to describe courage!! I agree with Uttech Sensei on this one. Courage is what I see, when we practice Aikido despite whatever "limitations" we may have. I have seen people with disabilities show up for practice everyday, older people pick up and go despite whatever age related issues they may have, people going through divorce or separation, people going to or coming back from Iraq, women going through or leaving abusive relationships, law enforcement people fighting their own demons, the list goes on and on.

All of these individuals humble me everyday by showing courage in their practice. They do not make excuses, they find peace and joy in their practice, and they do not complain about life or whatever lot they have been dealt. They find courage in changing their situation, and they are some of the best practice partners you can find.
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