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Re: Poll: How important is "courage" in your own personal aikido practice?

Ron Tisdale wrote:
I'm not too good with the philosophy stuff...but my first instinct is to say that there is no courage without fear. Courage (to me) is being able to look fear in the eye and move forward inspite of it. Courage is not the blind rage of my youth, it's not the cool calculation of superior strength or's something else. I haven't felt it that often really...but it is a really neat thing when it happens.

Good post Ron,
for me, real courage is doing and saying the right thing when needed, often when the prevailing environment is screaming for you not to. Aikido practice should over time teach us to be strong both mentally as well as physically. If we can overcome our own fears through diligent practice, we are less likely to 'look the other way' if we come across the inevitable cruelties that human beings inflict upon one another. We have a responsibility to stand up for the underdog and exercise the loving protection of all things that O Sensei talked about.
Not an easy task, but worth it I'd say.


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