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Re: Saito Sensei & the no-hands throw

Szczepan Janczuk wrote:
So all these years you have been resisting to execute correct attack? Bad Dirk, bad don't trust your sensei, do you? You think he is not able to do a technique if you attack him for real? that's what you call respect......hmhmh........
Last time was a fine tenkan, this one is a pure irimi attack.

I can take them all. There is so much I have not learned in all these years. But not to blame my sensei I have to reply a few words. I rarely do full impact attacks, - I trust that my sensei can do the technique, but I do not trust my ukemi too far beyond, what I am used to. In other words - I really reduce the impact of the attack to the impact, I think, I can take from the responding technique.

Actually my sensei sometimes forgot to explain something and started again, while I was attacking. Then he just stopped my attack by protecting himself with a long arm, open hand targeting to my face. In the beginning my hit just missied him, and I had to take that - quite soft - hand in my face. Now my reaction is faster and usually I can stop the attack. That is how I am conditioned. You were the first one, I have experienced on my own, who did not only talk when showing specifics of the techniques, but already in the mid of the attack and still expects a real attack. Yes that why I did perform badly.

Probably next time I can switch. Good luck

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