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Deepsoup, thanks for clearing up that mystery for me. Now I've got a couple of questions myself, heh heh... if you don't mind.

Is it true that Shioda sensei started yoshinkan because he disagreed with osensei on how students train aikido? It is claimed that Shioda sensei believed that most ppl can't really master ki in a reasonable amount of time, thus would be unable to master aikido as advocated by osensei. Consequently, Shioda set out to teach it by basing it more on human physics and place more emphasis on techniques.

second, how does yoshinkan aikido compare with Saito Sensei's method? Although Saito sensei has not renamed his aikido, I think Aikikai does not totally agree with his teaching methods. His style is more direct and triangular, reminiscent of prewar aikido whilst aikikai under both 2nd and 3rd doshu advocate circular movements more. Sorry if this question is so loose.

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