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Re: final lock doesn't work

Also consider the possibilties for kaeshi-waza if uke manages to slip the pin. There are many hidden osae komi and kansetsu waza encoded in the ikkyo-rokyo waza. (Well, hidden in plain sight of course!) These waza are the mother of all other technical variations.... and they almost invariably manifest themselves when uke is not passive and being uncooperative.

E.g. Does anyone use the rear hammerlock to effect a takedown into the pin from nikkyo? Or how about switching to gokyo from ikkyo if uke attempts to pull their arm out from under the pin? Or transitioning into juji-gatame or reverse juji? How many here exploit the Golgi tendon reflex for an ikkyo pin?

I like it when uke struggles - it gives me more opportunity to do other things - in an aiki fashion of course!

So, next time uke struggles, take it for what it is - a gift to explore and learn.

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