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Re: final lock doesn't work

Darren Kennedy wrote:
I understand what you are saying Chris but try and maintain any of the locks for any period of time without having to break ukes arm . The locks themselves are not effective unless you break ukes arm . I'm only trying to look at the effectiveness of aikido on a personal level and this was one point I came up against where I had to question. Like I said in my first post, try it with a person that is non compliant with what you you are doing and you'll find the lock does'nt work .Yes if you cooperate they work obviously , mainly because uke is passsive , but with an uncooprative uke they have many ways out of your pin . NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO
Heh, just means you're just copying the "shape" of the pin, and don't have the finer details down. I don't do Aikido, but the instructor at the standup place I train at can do similar techniques (though he got them from DRAJJ) and there isn't any way you can get out of them
I also do BJJ, and with the training I've had in this particular standup, it's pretty hard for the people in my class to snap on an armbar on me if they're (guys that're 180lb+) just using muscle and weight. So it goes both ways, its not a problem just in Aikido.

Maybe you should look a little deeper into what it is you're exactly training. And I wouldn't say it's technique.
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