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Re: final lock doesn't work

Like I said in my first post, try it with a person that is non compliant with what you you are doing and you'll find the lock doesn't work .Yes if you cooperate they work obviously , mainly because uke is passive , but with an uncooperative uke they have many ways out of your pin . NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO
I'm not sure why exactly you asked for others thoughts on this? It seems to me you've made up your mind and have no intention of taking into account what others are saying. If you were really curious about what others thought and wanted to have a discussion you would attempt to refute their point of view. Referring back to your original post instead of coming up with new arguments to counter theirs says to me you want to make a statement, not have a discussion. If that is the case, have no fear I'm sure someone will come along to agree with you and validate your statement.
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