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Re: final lock doesn't work

Darren Kennedy wrote:
I understand what you are saying Chris but try and maintain any of the locks for any period of time without having to break ukes arm . The locks themselves are not effective unless you break ukes arm . I'm only trying to look at the effectiveness of aikido on a personal level and this was one point I came up against where I had to question. Like I said in my first post, try it with a person that is non compliant with what you you are doing and you'll find the lock does'nt work .Yes if you cooperate they work obviously , mainly because uke is passsive , but with an uncooprative uke they have many ways out of your pin . NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO

For me the question comes to mind "Why did you do the pin?" If I am taking someone down into an ikkyo pin for example then I am trying to approach this using the least amount of violence possible. I don't want to hold them there for an extended period of time. They go down, they feel the pain, they realize (hopefully) this could be a whole lot worse, and they decide to go take out their agressions elsewhere.

If they get up and continue in their stupidity then at that point, yes, perhaps a broken arm, dislocated shoulder, etc may be in order.

The pin works to accomplish the purpose it was designed for when properly applied.

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