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Re: final lock doesn't work

Chris Hein wrote:
Well this depends on a few factors. First what pins are you applying? some of Aikido's pins have been "softend" so people don't complain as much during training. A good example of this is the Ikkyo pin as it is commonly applied, you just lay the arm down next to the person and hold it there with both arms, any able person will just roll over their own arm and get out from there.

-Chris Hein
I asked my sensei about that ikkyo pin being ineffective, and he asked If I wanted to see an effecteve ikkyo pin well I had a not so soft ikkyo pin done to me, I thought my shoulder was going to be torn from its socket, and there was no way I could fight it wiith out causing great bodily harm to myself, and at the end it did end up with one of his hands at my wrist and the other at the elbow...oh man my shoulder hurts just thinking about that

Dan Hulley
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