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Re: how many times have you gotten hurt?

Nick Simpson wrote:
Hehe, well I wouldnt 'argue' perse, but I have pressed the issue once and It was just sort of bypassed and considered by this individual to be not too important, so I havent bothered since.
That's been my experience too so far

Nick Simpson wrote:
Whenever I teach I generally do a half and half mix of ukemi/technique for the focus of the class. Im also trying to introduce some of Waite Sensei's softer ukemi too.
Sounds good - your students are lucky!

Nick Simpson wrote:
Alot of people also attack incorrectly (flaws, openings, lack of committment etc etc) and this is something I believe should really be focused upon...
Absolutely agreed - everything from the limp lettuce leaf attack to just being plain off-course make it incredibly difficult to study Aikido effectively. As tori you either have to change the technique completely or modify it so much to prevent uke from injuring himself that it just doesn't work anymore. If only more uke realised just how dangerous they make things for themselves with poor attacks..

Or we could just let them find out the hard way

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