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Re: Poll: How important is "courage" in your own personal aikido practice?

I praise the courage of those who train with me. I had a terribly violent childhood - I can enter a modality where I feel I am fighting for my life. Aikido allows me to examine this and be gentle, to heal.

A special kohai that I taught to roll out years ago, who is now very senior to me in rank, spoke for me to the people that count at my dojo. I was angry and spitting fire and causing a fight - this courageous person helped me find my heart and show respect to people I perceived were hurting me.

Because of this person's courage I still train, and I am healing that violence - turning rage to laughter, and fighting for my life - to gentle, strong tanin judori.

I have found my own courage again, because someone saw my need and helped me have the chance. I hope this is what OSensei intended.

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