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Re: Aikido and Target Focus Training

Kristian: please answer the following questions what I asked:

1. How do you train shoving a finger up to 2nd knuckle in someones eyesocket?

2. How do you train this "asocial violence" and responding to it with "more asocial violence" in a training setting?

I live in Estonia so this guy is noone you know. If you want to investigate this line further I'd prefer to do it in private messages.

I do not question the fact that if we had an all-out encouter there's a good chance I get my ass kicked or I get killed. Especially if he would attack me so that I'd be unaware of it. I was just pointing out that I have had experience when I am already on someones back and choking and he goes for my eyes and fingers and I was safe. The example was to illustrate position over technique approach - the back position is superior for anything - choking, heelikicking to nuts, gouging the eyes. Therefore in my mind as I am the labelled the "sport" guy here it should be that for example most of the time training you should spend getting to superior position. And that remains the same through sport grappling setting -> mma setting -> pure vale tudo setting -> self-defence setting. If you (in the same order) from there try to choke -> punch -> elbow to the spine -> gouge eyes is more of a MINDSET not technique thing. Same thing in standup striking and clinchfigting. I want to develop myself a strong ACTUALLY working delivery system on which I can base any techniques.

And please do not start with "I wouldn't want to go to ground blah blah..." the back position thing was an example.
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