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Re: Frustrated by unconvincing aikido

I find myself frustrated to no end at aikido seminars these days. They're often overcrowded, many people are trying to quickly determine a pecking order by figuring out what rank you are and there's rarely time to work on much stuff at any kind of indepth level. .
IMO seminars are not to learn technical details or deep study. Such things you can do back home with your own instructor.
Seminars, particulary with shihans are to show you in what direction your study must go. For effective training you need some kind of general "structure", and they provide it.

I'll go visit and play with the rough guys from other styles for periodical reality checks, because unfortunately, I am one of those guys that needs to be able to test my aikido to make sure it will work on SKILLED/TRAINED people from other systems that don't necessarily know the correct/acceptible ukemi.
More I train; more I'm convinced it has very limited utility for aikido training. For such tests you need to establish some kind of rules, and such rules will deform transmission from Founder. As you don't really know Founder intentions, which are behind every technique, your own judgment (choice of rules) will overwrite his idea.
If you don't care about Founder, that will be another story, but you'd better not call it aikido.


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