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Re: Aikido and Target Focus Training


Great post. Thanks again for your thoughts. I'd just like to say again:

"No one is immune to violence."

TFT, Nin-jitsu, Aikido or whatever is not going to change that.


You said:

"I had an ex-Sepc-ops guy try to grab and break my fingers and reach for my eyes when I choked him... he couldn't."

Can we have a name of this guy? My cousin's best friend had an ex-girlfriend whose uncle was an ex-spec-ops guy! Maybe it's the same guy?!? Ha Ha Ha. Sorry Jorgen, I could not resist. I'm just having fun. No offence intended.

I have a sneaking suspicion that most spec-ops guys would have you waking up dead somewhere before you knew what happened, if they were serious. I would also hazard a guess to suggest that if he had not engaged you in a "social" or competitive test of strength to see who's techniques were better then he would have come out with the nasty stuff first. Obviously I don't know this ex-spec-ops guy you are talking about but chances are he did not live to be an "EX"-spec-ops guy by being crap at his job. Think about it for a second Jorgen.

Because we are having a few problems with terminology here lets look at a few meanings:

Social Violence: This is a form of violence where the aim of the violent interaction is to communicate something. Eg: "That is my girlfriend, don't look at her." or "I am the dominant male here. This is my territory. Go away!" or even: "My martial arts ability is better than yours. Lets fight under some rules and guidelines so that we do not seriously injure each other in order to work out who is stronger and/or technically better."

Asocial Violence: This is a form of violence where the sole purpose of the interaction is to bring all communication to an end. There is no communication. It is one person doing violence on another to satisfy some urge, craving or desire which the asocial person may be experiencing at the time (or even simply to do a job, as is the case with an assassin). The purpose of asocial violence is to rape, cause serious injury or kill.

This discussion is proving to be a hell of a lot of fun. My thanks goes to all those who have taken the time to post so far.


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