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Re: Aikido back in the house...

Lan Powers wrote:
Trying to remain calm and centered is always a help in our daily lives. (of course)
Raising kids is a true test of that very thing....the benefits of training become clear when you think about it.

less emotional response, better control over the impulsiveness of speech, the list goes on...
For me, I find it's easy to be immovable as it were] but often less easy to blend with the likes of petty misbehaviours. I mean, more often that not it seems as if I'm trying to meet force with force and face things head-on rather than using blending and re-direction.

I appreciate that often what we see in the physical domain of Aikido doesn't translate into the wider picture of how we live our lives but well, it's possible surely? I'm optimistic at any rate!

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