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Re: Paradox: God cannot not believe

I did not intend to offend anyone and I appoligize if i did
There's a whole other thread just there!

Offence can be easily taken, or not, depending on the individual seeing/hearing what you say. If you ask challenging questions of someone, because you would genuinely like to explore the oddities, conundrums, paradoxes that are seen in a set of beliefs, then offense shouldn't be taken, but sometimes it is.
Recently in the UK, the BBC were to show a performance of "Jerry Springer the Opera" on tv, they had over 50,000 complaints from Christians claiming to be 'offended' by this and it should be banned on the basis of blasphemy, and that it depicted Jesus in a nappy ( daiper ) one of their main points of 'offence'. No more than a few of the 50k complainers had seen the Opera, so how theu could be 'offended' is beyond me.
I went to see the show, and had a great time is was funny, with great music and ultimately uplifting giving a message of love and compassion for your fellow humans. Jesus was depicted in a loin cloth, which as far as I'm aware is how he appears on the cross in most christian churches. He was not shown in a nappy at all!!! The character playing Jesus in the second half of the play was the same one who appeared in the first half in the JS show who 'did' appear in a nappy due to his own warped
sexual fetish, not uncommonly seen on the JS show. A minor but obvious error if you haven't seen the show or are not interested in examining the facts.
I personally could be just as offended by people who believe I should not have the right to freedom of expression/thought, and that somehow they have some moral superiority that their particular 'faith' affords them. To them I say, stay out of my theater, stay out of my home, stay out of my hospital, stay out of my schools, and stay out of my government. They have their own places of worship and I will certainly not impose myself in there. Freedom of thought/speech is at the core of modern civilisation, repression belongs in the past. We are at a fork in the road, there is a polarisation going on, secular free thinkers on one side, and religious fundamentalists on the other, the majority of religious folk are non fundamentalists, but as this important time in history unfolds and is accessible to all via global communications, the drift towards the extremes is giong to provide an historical turning point. We live in interesting times!

an interesting sight that I recently came across:

The main author is under death threats for daring to write what he see's as the truth about a particular religion ( originally his own ). He has challenged the scholars of that religion to provide proof that what he writes is not true, and offered a $50,000 payment as an extra incentive. Some are so offended by the fact that their beliefs are called into question that they are prepared to murder him to 'prove' their side of the argument. Scary

Just my humble opinion.


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