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Aikido back in the house...

I'm interested to know how you have utilised your training in your own home. Of course, I'm not referring to physical techniques but was wondering specifically if and how you manoeuvre your own children within the framework of your Aikido teaching and experience [I've got two boys who can often become a little er... *lively* at times]. I like to run a fairly respectful ship when it comes to my sons but during recent practise I had cause to wonder if any of it [the talk of centering, hara, sphericity and all the rest] could really be used in context outside of the somewhat insular realms of the dojo.

Do you think there's any scope to utilise those much coveted tenets of Aikido in family situations? I'm not saying my boys are troublesome, just typically boisterous and interested in seeking their father's limits! I'm optimistic I can maybe factor in the wider nature of centering but I'm definitely gonna need to give it some thought! Therefore any ideas would be well received!

What do you think. If anyone has thoughts on using their experience in this [or any similar situations] I'd be greatly appreciative of the expertise.

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