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Re: Paradox: God cannot not believe

If God is all knowing, then why do some christians insist that we have free will.
If God is all powerful, then why does he not stop disasters amungst humanity.
If God is all loving, then why does he allow bad things to happen to his followers.
On the whole adom and eve thing. If God is all knowing, he would have known that they woudn't answer or show themselves. He also would have allready know where they were. If he was all loving why did he kick them out of the garden. I don't remember the bible saying exactly why they weren't allowed to eat from the tree.
Also the 66 books we know as the bible are only what the early church decided should be allowed. What about the dead sea scrolls or the gosble of thomas or marry ect.
Christans tend to look at the bible as solid undeniable fact, but say stories from other faiths are just miths. However; the stories in the bible are just based off miths or maybe fact that accured earlier in history. The ten plagues that fell on egipt attacked a particular egiption god or goddess every time.
The accounts we get in the bible are who knows how many hand accounts of the stories. There was know writin language when the world began, so how could the story be free of missinterpritation or misunderstanding from the stories past down by mouth.

Next what happened to the place of women in christan beliefs. Before christianity, women were sacrid. Look at thbe greeks, the egeptions ect all had women goddesses. Christianity and some other fiaths place high stress on male dominence. Why is god fother. He can not have children only the mother can. Males may participate in the making of life, but they can't give it.
Christians claim to have the one and only correct belief. If this was true why were there so many other gods and goddesses. Also why did he wate so long to show his face. If he was the correct one why isn't god and christ from the begining of writin history. If christianity is the only correct faith, why do all the other religions also claim to be the correct faith.
Thoughs who posted abuve are right.
I was born in America to a christian family. Therefore I was rased christian and am expected to believe the christian teachings. But what if I had been born in Japan I might be Shento or budest.
bacdk to free will and god being all knowing. If god knows everything i will do or choose then do I realy have free will. If he knows that I am going to put a question mark at the end of this, do I have the choise to put a period? That was a very bad example i know but it proves a point. If he knows I am going to do something then some how it is manditory that i do that thing. For if we had free will there might be to many options for god to be all knowing how would he know wich option we will choose. If he knows wich option we will choose it is no longer free will.
This post seems circular i know. But I am a philosophy major and these issues and questions entrest me.
Also I am sorry about any misspellings in this post.
I did not intend to offend anyone and I appoligize if i did.

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