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Michael O'Brien
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Re: Aikido and Target Focus Training

Mike Valentine wrote:
Being fit,strong and well trained in any MA won't help if you're shot multiple times in the chest or runover at high speed by a pickup truck.Intent is needed,or that killer instinct and aggressiveness of which you speak,no one denies this, but clearly you don't need to be trained to REALLY hurt someone.
So TFT training will protect me and keep me alive while I get shot multiple times in the chest and runover at high speed by a pickup truck while Aikido won't.

The U.S military be it S.E.A.L.S Delta Force etc.use this stuff as do many of there Police Departments.
And yet police offiers and military special forces personel still die every day in confrontations just like trained martial artists.

Definition - someone who does not conform to the social norm. Make sure you kill the high school girl with her nose and eyebrow pierced. Let's quit try to use cutesy words and stick to the basic context here, an attack on the street.

Just remember guys "that you do what you train",it's about subconcsience muscle memory when the shit really hits the fan.While you might believe you can go from one mindset to another in the middle of a "true confrontation" you would be sadly wrong.Those moments of hesitation when changing mindset could get you seriously hurt if not killed.
So when you train you shove your finger to the 2nd knuckle in your partners eyes. You throw full contact blows to the throat and crush their windpipe. You break elbows and knees. You throw full contact blows to the groin. Must be hard to find regular training partners I would think?

Yes, I'm being somewhat antagonistic in my points I'm making. But having read most of the website and most of your posts, you're not preaching anything I have already heard and learned in more than martial arts dojo and I'm sure that is the case for many people here.

Street survival is about a mindset more than training in my opinion. If you have the mindset that you are willing to take a human life, no questions asked, if it comes to that point you're ok. It doesn't matter if you studied Aikido, TFT, or nothing at all, a survival instict will kick in and take over. However, a lot of people can not handle the thought of seriously injuring or killing another human being no matter what the circumstances. Those people will die no matter what training they have had.

Just my opinions on a Saturday morning. Take them for what they're worth and your mileage may vary.

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