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Re: Aikido and Target Focus Training

Can you give me an explanation how you train shoving your finger up to the second knuckle in someones eye? How do you program that subtle muscle memory for that movement? How do you "train" violence?

I brought you an example how Vunak's guys train live grappling with stakes tied to necks so they can actually practice biting a neck of someone resisting and ACTUALLY tearing out a piece of meat. Not a very sane method in my eyes but I can clearly see that one learns an actual skill that way.

What do you do? To me it seems that you do prearranged patterns. Please, show me wrong - because my knowledge about TFT is superficial - only from websites and your talk here.

I'm no demi nor quarter god of all things martial. I just think that to aquire any skill one must train against the physical resistance the situation gives to you. And the more "fundamental" or "core" this resistance is the more functional the skill and the details can be easily added. However if this core is missing - no matter how fine and real details you practice you never get the actual skill.

It's like... to me the sport and gym setting is like a lab in science. Is the lab setting the same as real life? No.. however in lab we learn and discover things about the real world because that is the best "hard science" method we yet have.

And please do not fall into calling names and using demagogic sentences like "Please tell me how all best kung-fu guys are training in what you train now." There are people who can't read and believe Earth is still flat too. There are many people who believe blowing themselves up with others will get them to heaven to drink wine and be served by young beautiful women. Has this ANY relevance to this what we are talking about now? No.
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