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mike valentine
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Re: Aikido and Target Focus Training

Hey boys and girls,

I don't seem to recall anyone mentioning "eyegouging", if you are going to just gouge the eye not only will it serve to(as Roy pointed out)piss your attacker off more it really gives you no advantage.It's a completely different story however if you completely destroy the eyeball,jamming your fingers or thumb through the eyeball itself upto your second knuckle.Now you have a foe more concerned with dealing with his ruptured eye than applying that face choke.I'm sure there's people out there who could continue on with this devistating injury,though as yet i've never meet one.

Roy,"true" violence has nothing to do with technique,sure it can help you get the job done more efficiently whilst looking good but it doesn't take much training to hit someone across the skull with a tireiron or baseballbat.Being fit,strong and well trained in any MA won't help if you're shot multiple times in the chest or runover at high speed by a pickup truck.Intent is needed,or that killer instinct and aggressiveness of which you speak,no one denies this, but clearly you don't need to be trained to REALLY hurt someone.

I to have fought many times with injuries(broken knuckles,ruptured ear etc) and gone on to win but none of these fights have been in an "asocial" experience.The UFC has rules,it is a competition,this has nothing to do with a real "asocial"enviroment.Jeff Fenech a three time world boxing champion fought most of his fights with two broken hands.Is he tough and have a big heart,hell yeah i know this from personal experience,does that mean he would get up after having his trachea ruptured,of course not.My scariest moment during a confrontation came after hitting a man in the side of the neck and watching him fall like a bag of potatoes,of all the many altercations i've been in this was the only one where i knew it was truelly me or him,thankfully he survived but my true intent at the time was to end him.

Jorx,violence and competitive sport are two entirely different entities.If by now you don't or refuse to get it maybe you never will.Real violence is about one thing and one thing only DESTRUCTION,competition is about winning within a set of rules.You seem to be very well read on various MA and judging by your previous posts on this and other subjects seem to enjoy giving others the opion that you are some "demigod"of all things martial, i for one don't buy it.It appears that anything that doesn't fit into your own realm of training or understanding can't be any good,please tell us again how all the top Kung-fu guys your neck of the woods are training in what you are now.I on the other hand would rather wait untill i know first hand what works and what does not befor denigrating it as folly.There is something to be learned from all MA,take what works for you and disregard the rest(i'm sure someone of known ability had that same idea),if you continually keep your head buried in the sand someone will eventually kick you in the arse.

Just a few facts: Many of your beloved former and current UFC competitors have and do train in TFT.and are friends of the founder Tim Larkin.
The U.S military be it S.E.A.L.S Delta Force etc.use this stuff as do many of there Police Departments.
I personally know this stuff works.
Obviously you Jorx have absolutely no idea of the training methodoligies used in TFT and are stuck on the notion that it won't work,thats cool i was young once too and thought i knew it all,hope you're never confronted by a real "asocial" threat cause your arrogance and bravado may get you hurt.Monsters won't tap or play by any rules.

Just remember guys "that you do what you train",it's about subconcsience muscle memory when the shit really hits the fan.While you might believe you can go from one mindset to another in the middle of a "true confrontation" you would be sadly wrong.Those moments of hesitation when changing mindset could get you seriously hurt if not killed.

Mike V
Ps Mike Tyson's ear bitting v's my wife's thumb in the back of your eyesocket(note:not a gouge)hell i think i know which would be a more devastating injury,Evander could continue to fight,didn't need urgent medical attention, so was it a "real injury",i think not.Try boxing with your pupil runing down you cheek.Maybe some of you guys will never get it.
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