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Re: Atteru and Ki

I just found a comment by Peter Goldsbury from 2002 that sheds some light on this question.

The ateru I spoke about above isn't the same according to Prof. Goldsbury. Here is his comment:

"...Similarly with 'atteru'. When I first came across this term, I thought it was a mistaken spelling for 'ateru' (as in 'atemi'). This is not the case. I consulted with a Japanese colleague in my university and learned a whole new view of the word. 'Atteru' has completely different kanji and means something like 'to match exactly'. It is another way of reading the 'ai' in 'aikido'.

Now, Bryan Bateman sent a post with a link to an essay about a seminar taught by Seishiro Endo. But Endo Sensei never explains what 'atteru' actually means. In Japanese, 'pittari kuru' might convey the sense, but this means really 'what is exactly right for the situation' and this is what 'atteru' actually means. So the movement is exactly right for the attack."

I would also like to see the kanji for this atteru.

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