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Re: Saito Sensei & the no-hands throw

James Kelly wrote:
Wasn't there, but have been thrown in a similar manor and in my experience, there was nothing extra-mechanical involved.
Many thanks for your reply, James. I wonder, - when thrown in this way, were you gripping, say, the lapel of the keikogi, or was there some other point of contact between you and nage? The part that interests me is how it is possible for uke, making an attack in a straight line, to be thrown through a circular, horizontal trajectory, especially if nage does not take hold of uke with his hands. Of course some throws do make a body describe an arc through the air, but in this case the arc was 340 dgrees of a horizontal circle. One can see how a body can move in a vertical circle, as the feet leave the ground, pivoting round the centre. The weight is distributed above and below the centre. In the example I cite, however, the body starts in a vertical position, with weight above and below the centre, then rises into a horizontal position before describing a horizontal circle. All this is achieved by nage without taking hold of uke.
Do you or does anyone else have thoughts on this?

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