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Mike Sigman
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Re: Ki and Technique...

Thanks for the pointer, Erick. I will buy the book and take a look (what the hey.... what's one more book on top of the tons I already have ).

There are already some deathly quiet book-writers in the Chinese martial arts who have found out belatedly that they badly missed the boat on the qi and jin issues in earlier books because even though they were reasonably fluent and knowledgeable, this closed-category of knowledge had its own set of idiom and allusion. Literal translations or even translations with some degree of context were thwarted by the fact that the authors hadn't themselves been exposed to this area of studies. The perspective about the knowledge contained in both Chinese and Japanese martial arts is changing currently, although there will be some people that will cling to what they think they know until they are phased out. We're all human, ain't we?


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