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Saito Sensei & the no-hands throw

Hello everyone

Having recently read a flood of interesting replies to my thread about ki, I would now like to see if I can find anyone who witnessed Saito Sensei demonstrating a throw without raising his hands, for which I can find no better explanation than that he was able to extend ki to an exceptional degree.
In an earlier thread, I unsuccessfully asked if anyone had a copy of tv footage from Scottish television, probably from the 1980's, in which Saito Sensei threw someone without raising his hands from his sides. My new question is, - were you there? It was a demonstration for one of the Scottish tv stations, possibly around the time Saito Sensei came to lead a seminar at Largs. I am unsure of the detail, and I am unable to ask the owner of the video copy I saw.
The throw happened as follows. Saito Sensei standing. Assailant attacks from right front quarter, reaching out to grab or strike; I am unsure. Saito Sensei does something with his hips, does not appear to change his footing, and does not take hold of the assailant, or even raise his hands. The assailant's feet rise into the air behind him. He passes Saito Sensei's right shoulder on his way round Saito Sensei's back, and passes through about 340 degrees, landing on the floor at Saito Sensei's left front quarter, moving forwards past Saito Sensei's left shoulder and thus away from Saito Sensei's front. In other words he passes almost all the way round the back of Saito Sensei, in the horizontal plane, except for take-off and landing.
Were you there? Have you ever seen any such phenomenon? Is there a name for this throw?
I dare to say I cannot conceive such a throw being possible through simple mechanics. I am aware that "simple mechanics" is woefully inadequate for you scientists, - I merely hope you will understand the sense that I intend, - Best Mechanical Advantage as opposed to ki. Of course this statement is question-begging.
I should add that I do not think either that there is anything mysterious about ki. It is not my claim that it is a magical, spiritual or otherwise spooky thing. Merely that my experiences and observations have led me to the conclusion that it is possible to exert a force without using the media that our science has so far identified as necessary for force to be exerted.
I believe that I have witnessed its use, and experienced it first-hand.

I hope you find this interesting

At your service

Peter Martin-Browning
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