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Mike Sigman
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Re: sticky hands, push hands and kokyu-ho

Reyne Caritativo wrote:
how can you compare sitting kokyu-ho with wingchun's sticky hands and taichichuan's pushhands? what i can say is they are similar in such a way that it improves your sensitivity from an attack when there is a connection between you and your uke. what can you say guys? any interesting comments?
Personally, I don't see much correlation. Mainly because Kokyu-ho is used to develop kokyu-power and push-hands is more of a "how to use kokyu-power in a 2-person engagement after you have already developed it" and the Chi Sao (sticky hands), while it should use some of that power, it is different and comes out of a "closed body" position, so it's a somewhat different thing from Aikido and Taiji push-hands.

My opinion, FWIW

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