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Re: questions again...

Originally posted by cyclone7
But, I hope tat u guys still can write something about ur Xps with the Shihonage technique here becoz I believe tat many of the aikido juniors from around the world will get benifits from it. So, can u guys tell me wat other versions tat it has (besides the Katate Tori Shiho Nage)?

There are lots of versions just of Katate Shihonage. You can do shihonage against any of the formal attacks. Shomenuchi yokumenuchi grabs to other places kicks etc.

This is true of most aikido techniques.

For most versions of katate shihonage it helps to take helps kuzushi if uke's arm is kept straight See if you can move in such a way that this is true.

Soft techniques are as effective as hard techniques, maybe more so.

By the way could you note "tat" is normally spelt "that".

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