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It takes time...

6 months...

I just learned the proper shihonage after about 3 years. Basically I've corrected my mistakes.

Do not worry, I've been through what you've been through. I kept trying to learn the proper way.

There are steps in learning aikido, and the ones that I've experienced are as follows:

1. Form/technique based: just doing the technique as shown.

2. Physiological based: doing the technique based on the physical-biological relationship of uke-nage.

3. Principle based: understanding the why the technique is done the way it is done.

4. Mental based: believing in oneself, self control, not easily intimidated, etc.

5. Unification of mind and body: the mind controls the body, therefore it is one unit.

6. Ki based: ??? - sorry can't explain - ???

Aikido is not as easy as a kick, a punch, or a throw.

Maybe because you're still new, during practice they just let you learn the form first (basically, No. 1). But as you progress, they might get harder on you... maybe.

During practice now, I kept saying that the uke's (the attacker's) job is to check if the nage (the one being attacked) is doing the technique properly.

This does not mean uke should fight with nage. This just mean that the uke has the responsibility to tell the nage if the technique was not done properly. And the uke must not fake the fall in order to please the nage.

Aikido technique is very applicable in real life situation. The way you have learned it, will affect it's applicability. Are you learning a lie? Or are you learning the truth?

Be patient... I've only begun to learn Aikido.
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