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Ron Tisdale
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Re: Ki and Technique...

Hi Mike,

Well, I don't necessarily disagree with what you are saying. And if Stevens Sensei participated in these boards, I might well take your advice. But he doesn't, and most likely will not. His choice, and I don't fault him for it.

What a lot of people seem to have problems with on boards like these, is that actual, living relationships are much more important to me (at least) than the conversations and discussions we have here. Since I have an actual, living relationship with Stevens Sensei, I choose to value that over any discussions here. So when he is in the area, he shares things with me, I share things with him, and we discuss. Along with any mat time we get in together. I wouldn't cheapen that relationship by bringing that stuff online.

But that is just my own personal perspective, and it doesn't have to be shared by anyone else.


Ron Tisdale
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