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Smile questions again...

To Andy, SimonW11, Manuel Cortez, Shihonage: Thanks for sharing ur oppinion with me. Appreciate it very much.

Well, I still have questions here. Sorry for if I have ask some siily things here, I just want to learn more.

Andy, I promise tat I will ask my shinsei about shihonage technique after my trimemster break has finished. Sorry but I have to clarify here tat I am not implying tat I doubt my shinsei's ability ( he is great), may be he has his reason for not telling us these kind of thing behind.

But, I hope tat u guys still can write something about ur Xps with the Shihonage technique here becoz I believe tat many of the aikido juniors from around the world will get benifits from it. So, can u guys tell me wat other versions tat it has (besides the Katate Tori Shiho Nage)?

So far, I believe tat wat I learn is very basic one. I admit tat there's dangerous part in Shiho Nage. In the version I learn, it may be crack the opponent's hand if U twist/bend his hand too rapidly. So, may I know how about other versions of Shino nage.

Sorry guys if u think I ask too much about Shiho nage. U know, I totally lose my confident with Shino nage's effectiveness when I found tat it is not applicable. Yes, may be I do the wrong way...

Next, I found tat my opponent have to grab my hands very firm (during doing Katate Tori) or else it will be hard for me to throw him or off his balance. May I know tat how about the situation in other class? OK, may be it is only for beginners who need to grip firm but I just hope tat u guys can convince me tat griping hand is not the whole part in aikido.

I have watched the public demo which is launched at the Bukit Katil,Malaysia, by MAA commitee. I appreciate it very much becoz I get to know more about aikido but again my questions come after the demo.

I found tat there are only a few techniques in Aikido are performed. I dont know whether it is the true or they purposely not doing other sophisticated techniques. ( ok, I admit I feel bored during the middle of the demo )

But there is one Shinsei tat make my eyes open wide. He did all the techniques in a very "violent" way. ( I m not sure it is called "violent" or not. But if campare to other Shinsei tat did the techniques during demo, it is considered "violent". If I m not mistake the Shinsei come from Cycberjaya... ).

So, my question here is, are those Shinsei who did the techniques in "soft ways" (relax way?)fake? ( Ok , not hard feeling here ok? I am not saying tat they cheat people but may be it just a demo and need less for them to perform in a real way...) And, I want to ask is aikido techniques should be perform in a "soft" or "violent" way? Or it is up to our wish...?

I think I have stop here. Hope tat Aikido senior can answer my questions here. Well, I am sorry if I type too long here.
Anyway, thanks again to all the guys tat asnwering my questiona.. :P


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